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Birth of the brand FEDERAL'S ™ due to a series of unfortunate events that have led to a strange conversion. A paradox: "A misfortune never comes alone". One life ends ... another begins.
It is at 15 years old that Pascal Crépin begins to work in the building. Mason, then painter and upholsterer, he climbs his box and everything goes well, until this accident: an oak beam that falls on him, nails him on a hospital bed for these heavy operations before five years of rehabilitation. The building is obviously finished.
It is Fabienne, his second wife, who accelerates his reconversion. "He came to help me put needles on the patterns on the fabric," she recalls. The couple still lives in the Pas-de-Calais and Fabienne, who had passed her bachelor's degree from a family of seamstresses, has always been interested in sewing since the age of 9, she manufactures clothes for his entourage.
We arrived in Roubaix in 2013. "We were told that to get started, it is here that we had to move."
In the textile city, we met people. Yet nothing predisposed us to launch our own fashion brand ...
She sees in her husband Pascal a good student: "he had worked a little with his grandparents who were upholsterers and did a lot of decoration in the building, he did not see himself sewing but he recovered the gestures and since then he has not do not stop! ".

Making sewing a real activity, with a brand, it's taking shape for us. "To get by, you have to do something that others do not do." Since we have filed three patents in clothing and we intend not to stop there.


Our office of style is inspired by our two personalities, Fabienne being a calm person, posed and very cooperative, gentle working towards her creations as she is with those around her, some say of her that she is relaxing, they love to spend a moment with Fabienne talking about fashion but not only. Her knowledge, her know-how as a technician could make that Fabienne changes her personality, but for her to be and to remain oneself is an art of living which she makes share to those whom she rubs.
As for her husband is rather more dynamic "nervous", he likes everything moves constantly and quickly, it is full of ideas and always has the impression that nothing moves, in his eyes everything is simple, the pessimism he do not know and do not want to hear about it.
For him one thing is true: Work is essential for the good balance of the man, working very little is not in his genes. When Pascal works he is happy, he has done this very well since always, today with Fabienne it is even more realistic.
We do not really follow the trends, it's not the trends that made us create Federal's ™, we created Federal's ™ because we can do it, we always do what we want. Every day is a new day we could say, it's partly true. We shape every day that we live, that's why we come to create something else. Our models are inspired by our two characters "the sweetness and the excessive", you will find a different style, a style that makes being a woman does not mean to be dressed like all women. A style that is both casual, kool and sober at the same time.
We come to offer you a lot without ever imposing anything on you.


The production is exclusively French, made by us without any intermediary.
We select the products with which we want to work with a lot of attention.
Most of our manufacturers are French, apart from the jean fabric that comes from Spain.
The fabrics we use are fabrics that send us a message when we look at them, we can imagine what we will achieve with, the impression that the model is drawn on it is strong.
The made in France is a priority, we also work recycling, we give life in part to used jeans, we recover 80% of material that we use to make unique copies. Eco-development does not have a subject that we take lightly, we are concerned by environmental problems, that's why we redouble our vigilance during our purchases but also when we sell.
To sell we develop the pre-order system, we then manufacture what we sell. The advantages of pre-order: Quality is always at the rendezvous, never out of stock, possibility to call you back if necessary.
The preservation of our environment concerns us all.


We are the only distribution network at the moment, our Atelier / Boutique in Roubaix associated with our online store. However it is planned the opening of other shops (own) at the national level. We will recruit people who can take care of them according to certain criteria, in all points they will have to have the same philosophy as Federal's ™ or be sure to acquire it very quickly.
We do not make sales or promotions so we will reward our loyal customers by organizing events in shops and e-commerce.
Newcomers will also be involved, a welcome offer will be offered.

The pre-order system with which we work on our online store also allows all newcomers to benefit from a discount on their first purchase and benefit from our offer "free shipping".

Federal's French Manufacturing