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We develop a sustainable and responsible purchasing policy.

We consider ecodevelopment to be a mode of economic development founded today. We take the respect of the environment and sustainable development very seriously.
We are committed to making this gift we need, we focus on manufacturing quality products, sustainable over time.
We make responsible purchases for our manufacturing, so we encourage our customers to do the same. Because of our way of working we commit ourselves in time.
Pre-ordering is an integral part of our ecodevelopment policy.

Quality Purchasing + Sustainable Purchasing = Responsible Purchasing

We make recycling a specialty.

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". Lavoisier
We give a second life to clothes that we no longer use. You do not know what to do with clothes you no longer use? Several options are available to you, the main thing being to avoid at all costs to put them in the trash, which would make impossible their recycling.
It is also possible to offer us to send us used clothes, pants, shorts, skirts, jean jackets, etc. so that we can use them to make new parts, against a discount worth your money. next purchase ... Your account will be credited accordingly. All you need to do is contact Federal's: service-client@federals.fr or phone 09/67/81/41/47 to find out more.

You can also give clothes in bad condition.

Whether they are simply old-fashioned or simply holed, all items of clothing or for the home can be reused or recycled, provided they are clean and dry.

What happens to the donated clothes?

Whether in good or bad condition, they are used in part at 70%. They are disassembled, it is a considerable job, but we recover zips, large areas of fabric, some pockets and belts. Reuse is provided by us.
The reuse of this material by us allows us to do an exciting job, so we realize unique pieces of their kind, whether a coat, pants, a jacket, etc ... We work the asymmetrical patchwork, rectangular or square, or with vertically stitched lengths to name just a few. We project ourselves into space in order to imagine the final garment at the fure and as we assemble all these pieces of fabric, final garment that will make that we will again and again want to start again.
Finally, donating used clothing or buying "locally made" and products for the majority of French manufacturing, selected by us are also interesting ways to limit our environmental and social impacts.
Moreover, this activity, which is added to the main activity of our company, will require the creation of jobs, these jobs are mostly generated in France and not relocatable. The more recycling there is, the more hires there will be.

Federal's French Manufacturing