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Opt for Colissimo delivery followed.

For an amount of (X €) according to the designated countries, you will be delivered within 5 to 15 days (
according to the designated countries) who follow the validation of your order, directly to you or to the delivery address that you have specified.
If you are absent, a notice will be deposited allowing you to choose on the Internet a new delivery date or pick up your package the next day in the post office of your choice within 10 to 15 days (variable Colissimo service) following the communes).
Follow at any time the delivery of your package on www.colissimo.fr
The shipping costs include the preparation and packing costs as well as the shipping costs. The preparation costs are fixed, while the shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the package. We recommend that you group all your items in one order. We can not group two orders placed separately and shipping charges apply to each of them. Your package is shipped at your own risk, but special attention is paid to fragile items.

Box sizes are appropriate and your items are properly protected.